First Post and Who I am

Starting my blog over again on the ghost platform and this time looking to keep up the writing habit!

This blog is mostly an avenue for me to write my thoughts about coding, travel, life, technology and more.

About me: Over the last 4 or 5 years I’ve been involved in a wide range of industries to varying extents. Currently in the process of narrowing my focus and making the next big move in my life after making many mistakes and feeling like I was going down the wrong rabbit hole instead of asking deep questions about where I want to go and what I value.

What I’m interested in: I love all technology. I love learning about how rockets work to how to properly set up a test environment for Reactjs. I like seeing how advancements in VR are progressing and how people are getting ready to use self-driving cars. I’m also super interested in how cryptocurrencies and crypto platforms like Ethereum and will change the world.

What I currently do: I currently work as a freelance software engineer and pursue some entrepreneurial activities on the side (Always be fortune hunting!).
I’m also spending most of my time learning all I can about biology/genetics and biological computational as I think the intersection of biology and software will be the defining theme for the 21st century.

Feel free to hit me up on twitter